Peacock Try Out makeup for the Elf Fantasy Fair

Since The EFF is coming up very soon, I needed to do a try out makeup, to see what I would do this year. I'm probably going to wear my long peacock outfit again(depends on the weather), or a combo of it with the short version. I think a feathertail and wings might be too much :)

Most of the pics are taken in daylight and unfortunately, most of the glitter isn't visible, but I still like the way they came out:

Daylight, made the colours a bit softer, the colours are pretty bright in real life.
I'm not sure if this is the way I'll be going to the EFF, but I just wanted to try some stuff out.

Stuff I used:

Mac GreenBrown pigment, Gosh glitter eyeliner,Barry M kohlpencil, NYX blue glitters, Sugarpill Absinthe,
Sugarpill Darling, Evil Shades Celestial Star, Sleek Jetset, Essence Colour&Shine eyeshadow, Gosh Aquatic, Sugarpill Hysteric, Essence Nailart, Born Pretty Store nail art rhinestones. I forgot the put the Coastal Scents Vanilla/Chocolate eyeshadow pencil on the pic.

I used the Coastel Scents pencil for the eyebrow, and then put some Mac Greenbrown pigment over it, to give it some extra colour and shine. I could have gone for Bluebrown aswell, but since the outfit is already blue, green is a nice contrast.
 Then I applied the feather lashes by KKcenterHK, tha I cut into pieces on the inside of my brow. I really love the colours of these lashes, but they unfortunately don't bend to fit my eye enough.
I also applied some of the Essence nail art above my brow. These shift from purle/darkblue to green with the light.

Indoor without flash:

I used gosh eyeshadowbase because it's sticky, and it would hold the loose powders in place. I started with Darling on my moving eyelid, and some Gosh Aquatic and Sleek Jetset. Later I put some glitter eyeliner on top of those with some Celestial Star and some blue glitters.

 Above the blue, I applied some Greenbrown, the shift in colour really reminds me of peacockfeathers.
Above tht, I applied some Absinthe, and then some Essence as a highlighter. Then I applied some Hysteric between the blue and the Greenbrown

Then I put on some black eyeliner by Essence, and made a little wing. I also put some below my eye and made little wings on the inner eyecorner. On top of the eyeliner I applied some false lashes by KKcenterHK.

Indoors with flash: (weird how the brown uturns into orange?)
After applying the lashes, I applied Some Aquatic and Hysteric beneath my eyeliner. Then somekohlpencil on my waterline and the Rhinestones at the end of the wings and some on the inner eyecorner.

I also did my lips, to see how they would hold up for a whole day, and if they would bleed. I used:

 Evil Shades Hardcore Lips: Doom, Gosh Velvet Touch Eyeliner, Blue Moon

Unfortunately, it did bleed, but the rest stayed in place pretty good. So I applied it again, but now with some concealer around and over the edges before applying.Still bled, but a lot less. I guess I just have to accept that lipstick will -always- bleed on my lips.