Review & Lips of the Day: Lipfinity Colour & Gloss

Since my most favourite lipcolour (lipfinity Everlites, Alluring) ever is almost empty, and they don't make it anymore *sad face*, I have searched for a replacement. One of the tings I tried out ws this Max Facot Colour & Gloss. It' Reflective Ruby, number 550.

This lipproduc applies pretty easy, both sides have a regular sponge for your lips. This has 2 steps, just like other Lipfinity products, but instead of a see throughgloss coat, this one has a coloured gloss.

It's a bit darker than on the pic, I can -never- get the right lipcolour on cam, it's a mystery to me why that is.
Step 1 is a dark red base and Step 2 is an even darker gloss.

It feels a bit different from regular lipfinity, but that's probably because the gloss is sticky. It doesn't stay on my lips as good as normal lipfinity though. I think it's because gloss tends to dissapear pretty fast, and when I apply step two to often, it can sometimes rub off step 1.
Still, even though it's nowhere near my favourite colour in real life, it still is a great addition to my red collection.

This lipfinity normally costs 13,95 euro , but I didn't pay that much. I used the 35% discount at Kruidvat to grab me this one and another lipfinity. :)