Review: 7piece makeup brush set by Born Pretty Store

This is the last product that was send to me by Born Pretty Store to review.

 It's a 7 piece set of makeupbrushes, which are all put into a small brushroll.
 It's a very nice kit to put into your bag to take with you, or for people who haven't used brushes before.

 The brushes all come with a little plastic wrapped around them, which I have removed here. I only left the one for the big brush, because it was hard plastic and easy to put on the brush again.
The brushroll has a flap of plastic attached on it, so you won't leave makeup stains in your bag, if you take it with you.

 There's a brush for your brows, a sponge applicator, a lipstick(?) brush, an eyeshadow brush, an eyeliner/eyebrow brush, an eyeliner/lipliner brush, and a big brush for blush or foundation.

 All brushes are easily washed with some mild babyshampoo, and came out still perfect. Only the big brush bled a lot of red, which is probably just a dyed colour. It was pretty soft, just like the rest of the brushes.

The brushroll is made of a golden silk with butterflies on it. I saw a new one on the site in silver now aswell.

This brushroll with 7 pieces costs only 4,74 dollar at Born Pretty Store, you can find it HERE.
 I gave this one to my mom, since she doesn't have any brushes yet and she totally loves butterflies. :)

The brushes are all pretty soft and I liked using them. For this amount of money, I think the brushes are a great addition to anyones stash. Just to put into your bag for touch ups, or one a weekend getaway if you don't want to bring expensive brushes. But also for people like my mom, who haven't used brushes before and want to try it out for the first time. I also think it would look great in a giftbag or would be a perfect little present for people who love makeup.