a day at the Efteling

It's been quite a while when we went to the Efteling, but  just totally forgot to post about it. Yeah well, my brain is just filled with stuff 24/7, so lots of stuff slips through. And anyway, it doesn't really matter to you when I went, the pictures will still be the same ;) And trust me when I say, there will be a LOT of pictures :P

My lovely boss told me she hadn't been to the Efteling in ages, and because AH had a thing going on with a discount, we decided to go with another collegue and Sid. For the outsiders, Efteling is sort of a fairytale themepark, which has been in the Netherlands for quite some time now. I remember going there as a kid and being in awe at things, that now look..well..really outdated, haha. But Efteling keeps getting new stuff so it keeps being interesting. We go once a year orso, and we hadn't been in Joris and the Dragon, and we also hadn't seen Ravelijn yet. But even besides those, Efteling just has that feel-good vibe going for it. It's a great big park with lots of green and flowers, and lots of animals just walking around. It puts the PARK in themepark :)

Anyway, on the day we went, we were in the train at 7:30 If I remember correctly. We were all still very tired, and we had quite a long trip ahead of us. We would be there by 10:30 orso? At first we were a bit scared about the weather, because it had been raining the WHOLE damn trip. And it kept getting worse. Fortunately, when we got there it cleared pretty soon and we actually had a pretty good day. Also, because of this, it was not busy at all at the Efteling which resulted in a minimum waitingtime at all the rides!

 We had to switch trains at Amsterdam Central, so everyone except me got some Starbucks to stay awake. Unfortunately, I don't like coffee. *yawn*

 This is just for people who know New Kids the series and the movie). Imagine him with a big mustache.... yeah, he's the cop! He was singing at the entrance, and when I made this pic with the keychain that came with the dvd, we saw he had to laugh really hard while singing. :)

 Chantalle with one of the mascottes

 Marieke with one of the mascottes

 Us waiting in line to be on a picture with a mascotte...mostly waiting on really small kids, LOL

On our way to our first ride, Joris and the Dragon. First time for all of us and DAMN that thing goes FAST. I got teary eyes just from the speed, and everytime you thought that it would go a bit slower, it would go even faster. We didn't win though, the other ride won, 3 times in a row.

 Awesome moving dragon

 Me, petting the big dragon..

 Inside the Flying Dutchman ride, which was really dark and in an old Dutch style. NEVER go and sit on the left side of the ride, you WILL get wet, hahaha.

 Otside of the flying Dutchman

 Chinese food

 After Vogel Rok, an awesome rollercoaster in the dark, we went to the carnaval!

This ride is really old and pretty lame, but therefor we had lots of fun, haha.

Beginning of the show Ravelijn. It's a story about a village that has an evil wizard or something(I havent watched the series) and his wife calls for some children to come to them for help. When the kids go through a certain gate, they cahnge into adults that are knights on horse with powers. It's an awesome 30 min show with real birds (owl and crows!) flying around, horses, actors and steampunk!

 The knights riding into town

 The evil wizard making the monster move

 Every knight would try to take on one of the heads od the monsters with his own powers.

And everytime a new head would appear..and yes..they breathed FIRE!

 And then, the podium started to slide backwards to reveal a real steampunk monster!

 5 heads, breathing fire and even with wings. really kewl! And then the knights were doing stunts on the horses, one of them even used a horse to slide behind it on a board.

 In the end, ofcourse the knights won. It's a great show, and so much happens that you don't know where to look. I made a TON of pictures, heheh. You have to reserve tickets(is free) for a show though, you can do that in front of Villa Volta.(which we went into before the show, I love it extra because it's about a legend from the region that I come from)

 Marieke and me in Dreamflight

 My yummy dragon cupcake after Dreamflight.

 Enjoying another meal

After our second ride in The flying dutchman, this time I was NOT on the left, Sid was, and he got WET. MHUAHHAHAHA.
At dinner, right before a guy was just taking pictures of me without asking. We all thought that was pretty weird. I'm not part of the park :P
Anyway, we had a great time, the weather was really nice, it was a day with the shortest waitinglines I've EVER had, and ofcourse we had great company!