Haul & EOTD: Catrice Papagena

I had the luck that this time, the Catrice LE collection was just put in the store when I came in. So I had free choice of everything.
At first I only wanted the lashes and the green polish, but I picked up other things in the end aswell.

 I picked up 2 pairs of lashes, because it can come in handy when I want to use them as lowerlashes aswell.
I also got the green eyeliner, the Birds of a Feather palette and the Welcome to the Jungle polish. I really love this goldengreen colour, so I took 2.

 Products used fot the EOTD. Since I'm a big fan os Sugarpill and Sleek, I tend to forget that these brands are highly pigmented. Catrice's pigmentation isn't bad, but it does give a softer look.

 I ised the light golden/yello colour on the inner eyecorner. Next to it, I applied the beautifull green that I bought the palette for.

 I used some more of the golden/yellow as a highlighter, and then I applied the brown in to the outer V and the crease.
I used the eyeliner pen to create a nice green line with a wing. Now, this green looked a lot darker on my skin when I swatched it, aswell on a piece of papertowel. On my eyes, it was very waery and I had to layer it to give it colour allover. Also, it's a bit lighter on the picture then it really was. It now looks a bit like a sickly green, which it wasn't. I think the lashes would have looked really nice with this, but I can't move my left arm, so I didn't even try.

With some Psychelic blys by Essence (LE) on my cheeks and Sleek True colour, sheen, Cherry on my lips.
I just dyed my hair again, that's why it's so frizzy...well..frizzier than usual, haha.