Review & Swatches: Kelier Nail Crack Polish (Born Pretty Store)

I really wanted to try a red crackle polish, and when I saw this one at Born Pretty Store, I was excited.
The crackle of this polish is a bit different than most, that's why I really wanted to try it.
The colour is almost an orange colour, not really firetruckred, but it's still pretty.

I applied this over a polish that I was already wearing, so don't mind the colour combo, okay ;)

Starting to dry:

You can see the crackle start here:

The polish dried too fast, or became too dry, because I got loose flakes:

This is not supposed to happen:

I could easily wipe the polish off with my thumb:

Now, I'm sure this isn't supposed to happen!
I don't know if I have a bad bottle or something else went wrong, but I do know that Born Pretty Store is now selling a different brand of Cracking polishes. So you might want to check those out, Ive read good things about those :)

Too bad this one didn't work for me, but I already found a different brand of red crackle that I like in the meantime. I advice you not to buy a crackle by this brand, even though  have seen good reviews on it.