Videos of our cats

Today I want to show you two videos of our cats.

One is from Odin, who always goes through the same ritual when we go to bed. Keep in mind, he's an 8 kilo weighing cat....making THAT sound.

(yeah that's my im-talking-to-cats-like-a-crazy-lady-voice)

The second one is from Freya, where she was laying on my lap, playing with a straw:(okay, this is NOT the video I was planning to post, dont know what went wrong. This video will be posted tomorrow though )

We don't have a video of Loki, because....well..Loki has a sixth sense for cams. Whenever he's dreaming, and sticking out his tongue, or climbing in the walls(seriously) or doing something else that looks cute but most of the time really isn't, and we tiptoe to a cam...the SECOND we turn on the cam or aim it at him, he turn into the most normal and obedient cat out there. It's quite frustrating, I think he does it on purpose. ;)