Enchanting Beauty Dare Prize

Let's start by saying that Linda -really- spoiled me.
After finding out I was the winner of the Fairy Dare with Sugarpill, she asked me what Sugarpill Loose powder was still on my wishlist.
So I told her, that I only needed Asylum, Tipsy, Paperdoll and Birthday Girl to complete my collection, but that I didn't really mind what I would get. I would be happy with Goldilux or Weekender for my upcoming bdaygiveaway aswell. I'm easily pleased. :)

So when I opened the package she send me, I was shocked:

 She send me ALL of them except Asylum, and even a nailpolish by Colorclub!

 Sugarpills Paperdoll, Tipsy, Birthday Girl, en Colorclub's Mocha Whisper.

Sugarpill's Goldilux and Weekender.
Be sure to check my blog around the 28th of august, which is my 30th birthday. Because I will be doing a bday giveaway and these 2 beauties, which are favourites of mine, will be included in that giveaway ;)

Thank you SO MUCH linda, you really spoiled me!!! :)