A package from the lovely Suzy

A while ago, I send Suzy a package, because life was bringing her down, and I don't like it when that happens to good people. So I send her some stuff, I hope she'd like, to try and bring some light and smiles into her life.
I never intended for her to send me something back though...
Suzy is a sweet girl, who can be an inspiration to anyone, just read her blog and you'll know what I'm talking about.
She is sweet, but I found out, she is totally insane aswell!
Look at all the stuff she send me:

 This beautifull box was waiting for me, after I got home from a difficult day at work.

 I love this packing stuff, this way you can ''search'' for all the goodies inside. :)

She also included a lovely card, with a little P.S. about the oil. Thanx Suzy, because I can not read Chinese/Japanese, hahaha.

SO MUCH GOODIES!!!!! I'm so gratefull, she spend the time doing this for me, I really am.

Look at all the kewl stuff! Inecto Cleansing Wipes(never used wipes before),  a DollyWink eyeliner(cute packaging!), Dove therapy for hair, an honest to gawd CUPCAKE mug(so adorable!) and (read from little card) Tsubaki hair oil.

A Kruidvat giftcard(why??? it was already so much! I bought Suzy's holy grail with it, seemed appropriate to me ;)  )
John Frida Frizz Ease Shampoo and conditioner, which I think will be perfect for hubs, who has the most frizzy and curly hair besides an afro.
Jukyo Soap Ltd. bodylotion, Jasmine loves blossom.(awww)
A really cute hairbow, which is attached to an elastic band. I'm going to put it onti a little clip, so I can wear it more easily. :)
Sheetmasks!!! Everyone who knows Suzy, knows how she feels about these, I always wanted to try them out.
2 Beautymate Srawberry masks, A Blooming of Beauty Tulip mask, and one that I can NOT read, lol.
Also, a sample of Givenchy, Pi, which is funny enough one of my favs on hubs nowadays :)
And a sample of Yes to Carrots Deliciously Rich Body Butter.

That's one insane package, right? Thank you so much, once again Suzy. It came at just the right time, when I needed something positive in my life .:)