Perfume Storage: How to Store Your Fragrances to Keep Them at Their Fragrant Best

perfume storage

When it comes to storing perfume, the most well known guidelines are 1) keeping it out of direct light, and 2) storing it someplace cool and dry. My (and Karen’s) first guess for the best place to store perfume was the fridge, but should we really be putting our pretty perfume bottles between the veggies and cheese? Are there better options?

While heat is definitely harmful to fragrances, large fluctuations in temperature can be even worse, so moving your perfumes in and out of the fridge isn’t necessarily better than storing them on your window.

Just like makeup, perfume cannot stand humidity, so the bathroom is out. Also, you want to avoid exposing them to air as much as possible; keep your fragrances closed at all times, and give preference to sprays over splashes. One problem with splashes, as well as rollerballs, is that oils and dirt can eventually spoil the scent, so try to minimize the applicator’s contact with bare skin.

I didn’t know this for the longest time, but it turns out that one should not shake fragrance, and not just to avoid breaking a fragile bottle. If you like to reapply perfume throughout the day, try to leave the bottle at home and take an atomizer along.

The best storage places for our nice smelling friends are train cases, storage boxes, closet shelves and the like -– places away from direct light, heat and humidity, and where they won’t get moved around too much.

Although I’m sad that I shouldn’t put all the pretty bottles on display on my vanity table, with so many options for cute storage boxes, I’m sure I’ll find something I like!