EOTD: Lollypop look with Sugarpill

This is already an old look, but after what's been happening, I haven't been able to post a blog about it.

I love this look, and when I was applying these colours, I realised that they fit perfectly with the Made By Rebel necklace I bought at the EFF.

I used Sugarpill's Lumi, Starling, Magentric, Absinthe and Weekender.

 I applied Lumi in the inner eyecorner for some lightness with just a touch of light blue. Then I used Absinthe for that perfect spring green, that always makes me happy.
  Next to the green, I applied some Weekender, for more colour. I love the contrast between the purple and the green.
Above the crease, I applied Magentric, which gives the whole look more colour and brightness. And adds that warm summerfeeling to it.
 Below the eye, I applied Starling, for some extra colour. I totally love this look, and have worn it several times now.

 I have some Light Burgundy blush by Catrice on my cheecks. And If I remember correctly, the NYC lipgloss  Soho Sweetpea on my lips.