NOTD: Colour changing nailpolish by Blaze

This is an old NOTD, because even though I didn't feel like blogging a while ago, I did still do my nails and makeup.

This is one of the Blaze polishes I bought at the Auryn showroomopening. It's a beautifull limegreen with lots and lots of sparkle.

Unfortunately,  it need several layers before you really see some colour on your nails, and even then, it's a bit see through.


Normally I don't really like see through polishes, but this one is special. It still has a load of glitter that covers your nail, but it also changes colour in the sun! This one changes form a lime green to a light red.

It's really fun to watch, and I heard several oohs and aahhs aaround me when we were watching them change colour.

It's a bit hard to catch the light colours on cam with so much sunlight around me, but I did my best.

I thought I did not know how this colour is called, since the bottom sticker is gone, but then I remembered I bought 2. It's called From Jubilee to Vino.