R.I.P Greebo Dante Burrfoot

Greebo was born in may 2005, and she came to live with us in June 2005. There was a mixup when we went to take the kittens, and that's how we ended up with a female kitten with a male name. Sorry Greebo ;)

She came into our house as if she was a princess and this was her castle, and immediately took one of our chairs as her throne.

 She was such a cute thing, I taught her how to give kisses on command, and she would make me smile by purring just because I looked at her. She followed me around -everywhere-.

You trusted us completely, and you could sleep anywhere...preferbly on my lap and on your back, or tucked into my arm, or rolled up like a little ball.

 You loved icecream, so sometimes you got to lick the last little piece of the stick.

You loved playing with mouses and other toys, but you never used your nails.
 Almost asleep on my lap, leaning against my legs.
You loved to play, but you never, ever used your nails or really bit us.

You loved your scratchingpole, so much, that six years later, you still had the same ones.

 You loved sleeping in our arms..

Almost a year later:

 I loved how I only had to look at you, and you would start purring, and running towards me to cuddle.
I don't think there's been a sweeter cat, ever.

Demanding my attention, because you were ofcourse way more interesting than my new cam.

 You loved giving kisses, if one of us felt sad, you always knew. And if we had a headache, you'd kiss our forehead and curl up on our lap to purr relaxlingly.

You thought outside was scary, but as long as we were there, you felt safe.

When Odin and Loki first came to our (new) house, you thought they were weird. But soon enough, you helped them learn the rules, and you mothered them as if they were your own.

They annoyed you a lot though, especially when they grew up and turned into 6 and 8 kg cats. They were a bit too playfull with their nails and too big, to be much fun for you.
But you didnt care as long as you could still lay on our laps, and they played amongst themselves.
And once in a while you started washing them again, and it would be sooooo sweet.

I cherished the moments that you played with Odin and Loki, knowing that they would screw it up eventually.

You were always there, at the important moments in our lives.

And you were always there, when one of us was down or sick.

Dear Greebo,
Your life was over way to soon, but I know it was a happy life. You were loved deeply, and you will always be in our hearts.
We miss you...


I also want to thank friends and family who were there for us, and my lexlings who are -always- there when we need them, my boss who comforted me when I broke down crying on mondaymorning when I told her about Greebo, Suzy who send me a package full of stuff to bring a smile on my face, all the people on twitter and facebook who gave us comfort, everyone who commented on my blog, and every one I forget. Thank you for all the comfort and support, for all the sweet words, for caring and for just taking the time to read this blog.