Tag: What's on my nightstand?

I got this tag from Suzy, and at first I thought I wouldn't do it, because...well..there's not much of interest on my nightstand.
But I like tags, and it does give an insight into my life, so here goes:

This is my nightstand, it's not big, because I don't have much room at that side of the bed. I think it's better that way, because otherwise it would be even fuller than it is now. Or it'll become a favourite sleepingplace of one of my cats, haha.

So what's on it?

A touch lamp with 3 different kind of light intensities, which I can just reach, when I go around the pile of books on the right.

2 lipbalms, one by Lush, one by Vaseline. Mostly used if I wore lipstick that day, or when I've had dry lips.

Cathairs, haha, I've got a 6kg and an 8 kilo cat running around there at night, so there tends to be some cathair on my nightstand aswell.

LOTS and LOTS of books. I'm a reader, a big reader. I go through books like some people go through candy, haha. I tend to by complete series, the longer the series, the better. I own some that already have 20 books and are still being written. Unfortunately for me, I'm waiting for the newest books on about 10 series now. I tend to buy the english paperbacks, because thet are easy to carry with me and easier to hold in bed. But usually that gives me a year waiting time after the official release :(
Most of the books on there are fantasy. Some urban, some romantic, some teenbooks, but a lot of them is smutty fantasy.

When I go to bed, there are 2 more items on it: my keys, and my phone.

So, not really a lot of interesting stuff on my nightstand....sorry! :)