EOTD& LOTD: Queensday makeup with Sugarpill

This is the EOTD I eventually did for Queensday. Not really what I had in mind, but circumstances made me having to improvise.

The Dutch flag consists of the colours, red, white and blue and the main colour we use to represent our country is orange. So that's why I choose these colours for this EOTD.

 I used Lumi on about 3/4 of the moving eyelid, followed by a bit of Starling.

Then I applied some Love + and some Flamepoint above the crease.
Then below my eye, I applied some more Starling.

I used Gosh velvet touc eyeliner Black Ink, to make a line and a little wing. I wanted to use eyeliner, but circumstances made my eyes all swoolen, so I didn't think that was something I should use.

And here's what I looked like that day, with some Sleek Rose Gold on my chees and some Mabelline Coral Citrine on my lips.

I know I don't look all that excited to celebrate Queensday, and I have my reasons. I'll blog about it later on, but I just can't right now. I might not post much this week either, because my head just isn't busy with beautystuff right now.