Review: Miraclear Face by Konad

When I read Lindas review of this product, I was really interested. So when I had a lot of money to spend after my birthday, I decided to order this one along with a bunch of other stuff.

The Miraclaer is a nifty tool, that you can use to scrub your face everyday. It removes all kinds of secretion, and massages your skin.

Since I have a dry/dehydrated skin, scrubbing is essential for me, but it needs to be done without drying out my skin even more. So this product seemed like a good thing to try.

The Miraclear is shocking pink, and made of plastic and silicone. The bottom has silicon rims, that feel soft enough on the skin to feel nice, but hard and flexible enough to scrub your face.

The middle on the back can be taken out, and if you pump the piston, you inflate the balloon that's on the bottom. You can make it as hard/round as you like.

When you've inflated the balloon, it's much easier to use on the roudness of your face. Especially the piece around your nose and from the nose to your forehead become a lot easier to scrub this way.
The Miraclear is very easy to use, and it doesn't hurt or irritates my skin at all.

I always use it with Lush's 9 to 5 cleanser, and massage that into my skin. Afterwards I take it off with some water, and my skin feel feel supersoft and smooth. I haven;t used it everyday, but I do use it once/twice a week, and extra when I've got makeup on my face(other than my eyes).
I think this is the gentlest scrub I have ever had, and it works wonders for me.

You can also use it to massage in your day or night cream, or massage the rest of your body.
When you're done, you just rinse it with water and deflate it by pressing on the silver ring on the back.

This one is available at Enchantra and it costs 9,95 euros.