Review & Swatches: Inoje Cleanser & Peeling by Konad

 Today, it's our 2,5 yr weddinganniversary! *yeay*
And I'm home sick again...*not so yeay*, stupid flu...

Ive had these products for quite some time and I decided it was time for a review.

These are the Inoje Foam Cleansing and Pure Peeling Gel. I always use them together, so I'm going to review them together.
These both come in easy to use tubes with a cap that click closed perfectly. The lid is flat, so you can put them on your bathroomcounter, ready for use.

Foam Cleansing:
Front of the box:
Helps keep skin optimally moisturized and leave it soft sof and fresh.

The backside of the box says this, (this is literally on the box, not my typos.., LOL):
The essence form cleansing is a soft cream type cosmetic soap for sensitive skin with the whitening effect of vitamin C and moisturizing and refreshing effect of grain effects. The soft and rich will remove makeup residue and excessive grease to keep the skin fresh and moist without dryness.

This is how it looks right out of the tube:
It smells like citrus, but when I use it, it reminds me of the stuff they ue when you get a perm. Okay, I'm weird and yes I had a perm in highschool(just for the volume). There's something chemical about the scent, but trust me I'm a bit weird with scents and the associations I get in my head, you might just smell citrus :)

The best way to descibe how the cleanser looks is to tell you it reminds me of hydrogenperoxide. Not by scent or anything, but just the way it looks, a bit...i dunno, glassy?
It tightens my skin immediately when I put it on and it foams gently. You're whole face won't be covered in bubbles or anything. Then I just rinse it off. I usually use this in the shower, so thats pretty easy to do.
Then I grab the Peeling Gel.

Pure Peeling Gel:
Front of the box:
Helps keep skin optimally moisturized and leave it soft sof and fresh.

Back of the box:

Excellent at removing dead skin layer and helping skin turn over by Ginseng, Ginkgo, Rice bran extracts. The beauty ingredients and plant extracts help deep cleanse the pores thoroughly of dirt, perspiration, greasy and flaking skin leaving your skin soft, flawless and moisturizing. Experience neat feeling and excellent performance of special extracts.

This is what it looks like, right out of the tube:

This doesn't have that chemical undertone to it that I think I smell with the Foam cleanser. But it doens't just smell like citrus either. I'm not sure, maybe it's just me, maybe I'm just expecting to just smell lemon or something. :)
Anyway, the substance is a bit milky, and you don't really see any grains in it or something like it, but when you rub it over your skin, it definately scrubs/peels. Sometimes it tends to bite a bit around my nose, but it's pretty sensitive there. Might also be, because my skin doesn't really like to be squeeky clean. It tends to get really tight and dry out. It's easy to wash off, and you definately feel the dead skin come off.

So did it work for me?
At first I didn't really like it, I have to be honest. My skin felt really tight, and the peeling burned a little around my nose. My skin did NOT feel moisturized, but honestly I hadn't expected it to be. I slapped on some Enzymion by Lush(to stay in the fruity department) and thought I'd never use it again.
Untill I felt my skin after my moisturizer had soaked into my skin. My skin felt -really- soft and smooth. I had not expected that, so I was pretty surprised by it. I decided to use it again, to see if I'd get the same result, and I did.
I have very sensitive skin, so this will probably work better for a normal skin, but even with my dehydrated skin, it still gave me a good result. Just make sure to use a moisturizer after use, and you'll be fine.

I told my hubby to try these out and he used them seperately. He felt like the foam cleanser really made his face clean, and it really worked for his skin. The Peeling Gel felt too easy to use, like it didn't really do anything for him. Now I have to say, my hubs doesn't really have much dead skin cells so I guess thats why he didn't really like the peeling gel. Hubs has a different skin than me, his is more combo/oily skin.
So it really does work for different skintypes :)

I got these from Enchantra, the Foaming Cleanser is  6,95 euros and the Peeling Gel is  7,95 euro. For that amount you get 185 ml and 180 ml.