Clothing Tip

Through facebook and twitter, I found out that most people do not know of this very easy fashion tip, that can make your life, and shopping a lot easier. So I decided to write a blog about it, and maybe that way I can help some more people with this little tip.

I've always had a very sensitive skin, I've had eczema for all of my life and luckely for me, my allergipill tends to make sure I don't have any breakouts anymore, which is awesome. Well, except for my head, but hey, I'm not picky.
As a kid, my skin couldn't handle much, especially not makeup :( But also, I couldnt wear anything that had an amount of wool in it. It started with feeling prickly on my skin, turned into an annoying itch, which turned into a rash. It didn't go well with my eczema either.
So this girl didn't wear any wool for years.

Nowadays, I work in a clothingstore that sells a lot of clothing with wool in it. It annoyed me a lot, because I wanted some warm vests for the winter aswell, and wool is the warmest out there. I tried some on, but they made my skin crawl, almost immediately. That made me a sad panda.
Then, when we were shopping, and I found yet another great vest with wool in it, the saleswoman told me this tip that kinda changed my life. Well, at least the contents of my closet ;)

If you react to wool this way, you can put the item in the freezer for a few days and the prickly feeling will be gone. yes, GONE!
Ofcourse I bought a vest with wool in it, and tried it out. I decided that it was totally worht to try and otherwise I would wear the vest with longsleeves only....if I could stand the prickly feeling in my neck. *shivers*

Anyway, to make a long story short: IT WORKS!

I'm not exactly sure about the science behind it, but apparantly the fibers that give that itch to your skin, break off in the freezer. It's so simple and so easy, I don't know why nobody told me before! I've been doing this with every vest with wool in it I bought ever since, and I'm loving it!
You dont have to do anything else, just put it in the freezer(I do it in a plastic bag), and take it out a few days later. I'm not sure what amount of time is the best, I just leave it a couple of days. Then, just make sure it warms up a bit before you wear it, because it will be freekishly cold when you take it out. Doh.
And that's it!

Now, I do have to say, I'm not sure if it works with every amount of wool and with every type of skin. My vests were mostly 30% wool, and the last one even had 30% mohair in it aswell. Still worked liked a charm :)
So if you're always cold in winter like me, and want some woolen vests in your closet, just buy a cheap one in the sale and try it out for yourself :)

The freezing does nothing to the appearance of your clothing either, so It's not like you ruin it or anything like that. And yes, I do get a little itchy from time to time, but that's mostly because I've got -really- sensitive skin and I'm really static. When I wear wool, I get even more static, which results in an itch and a LOT of electrical outbursts when I touch metal (or a person, or my cats..or well..lots of things really). So much static, it makes a pretty loud sound, for everyone to hear, and sometimes my whole arm tingles because of the shock of it. LOL. But I have to say that I get throught most days without any itch, and certainly no rash.

Anyway, I hope you think this is helpfull and let me know it it worked for you :)