This is what I look like WITHOUT any MAKEUP

I cant believe I'm doing this, but I feel like I have to...
This will probably turn into some sort of rant, but please bare with me, I think this is pretty important.
I'm not very good with words, but I do hope you'll understand what I''m trying to say and do.

I just read a blog(Ive written this last friday) about agorafobia on Beautylab, if you haven't read it, please do. (It's in Dutch though.) Basically, it's about women who are afraid to go outside without makeup on their face.
Now I can understand if you put makeup on your face because you feel better and so on, but this is about BEING AFRAID not to. Apparantly, int he UK, 1 in every 3 women is NOT going outside without makeup, some are even scared to have their own parents see them without any..or even their own boyfriend!?

This makes me really sad, because every person is beautifull in his or her own way, and people should be proud to go out into the world with their own unique face. Instead, our crooked view of beauty makes them hide behind walls of makeup. *shakes her head*

I wear makeup aswell, because I like it. I like using colours to show people my mood or even change my own mood. Or just as an accessorie to go with my outfit. Ofcourse I think I look prettier with it, that's what it's for, right? But I don't use it to hide myself behind it. Makeup to me, is something to enhance someones (inner) beauty, to show people how I feel, to inspire, to create. It's something beautifull, not something to cower beneath.
So that's why I'm going to do something that I don't think I've ever done before: I'm going to post pictures online, of me, without makeup.
Do I have so much selfesteem, that I don't care what people will say? Uhm, no, not really. (So please, no hate comments) But I feel really strongly about this, and to make this point, I have to set an example.

You just totally did this, didn't you? :

My mind is still screaming at me ''why are you doing this, are you crazy!?'', but my heart is telling me that this is right.
Yes, this is me without any makeup on. I have not done anything to these pictures, except cropping them and making them a bit smaller. Hell, I've just had the flu and the Mount Everest on my chin has just erupted like the Vesuvius.

No, this is not a sneeky way to tell you that ''see? makeup makes her look a lot better, so I must wear makeup''.
This is a way for me to tell you that YES, I think I look prettier with makeup, but NO, I don't think I should hide behind it.
Do I think I'm beautifull when I see this in the morning? NO, hell NO! But you know what? Does it really matter?
Does my face show you, how I am on the inside? How I love animals? How I love helping people when I can? How I love reading books and loose myself in the fantasy worlds? How I can cry during romantic or sad movies? How I will always pick up the phone in the middle of the night if a friend needs me?Even if I don't like talking on the phone that much?)
No, it doesn't. Beauty is all in the eye of the beholder, and for me beauty really is on the inside. It's more important for me to be nice than to be pretty.

That being said, ofcourse I like to look pretty aswell, but who really decides what IS pretty?

I don't really the way the sides of my nose are always red and make the rest of my face look even paler.
I don't really like that my eyebrows are small and blonde and you can barely spot them from a distance, just like my lashes.
I don't really like the pointyness of my nose.
I don't really like the small upperlip I have, and the paleness of them.
I don't really like my teeth and the way my gums show when I smile.

But you know what? It's the imperfections that make someone unique.
I might not really -like- my nose, but it is -my- nose, and it makes my face different.
My eyebrows may be blonde, but I decided to dye my hair black, and at least I have blonde hairs on the rest of my body aswell.
My teeth were really ugly before I had braces, and maybe I don't like how my smile looks, but I do like how smiling feels. And I won't stop doing that.
And my lips? Well, those are actually the thing that my husband finds hugely attractive. See? All in the eye of the beholder.

And to show you how serious I am about this, here's a shot of my face from the front, something I absolutely hate:
I might not think I'm pretty and I might not have all the confidence in the world, but I CAN say this about myself:
I think the colour of my eyes is beautifull, I think they are quite unique, especially the contrast with the stark white around it.
I like the contour of my face when I look at it from the side.
I like how my small upperlip makes me look more like my mom.
I like how my husband looks at me in the morning and says he loves me, even though I have bedhair, bad breath and probably some dried saliva on the corner of my mouth(I drewl in my sleep :P )

 My husband even loves me when I do this, I like the way it makes him laugh. People shouldn't take themselves to seriously, and should try to laugh more often. Maybe even at theirselves and put things in perspective.
Is it really THAT important to put makeup on your face? Because even with makeup, this:

 ..still looks silly.
So does this:
 That's my crazy smile, it's when I'm in a very annoying mood and want to creep Sid out.

But seriously though...
Some of you might think ''well, I don't think that she looks that horrible, I look wayyyyyyyy more horrible then that, yadadyadaa and so on''. Let me tell you this: I am scared shitless about posting this! Even though I do walk outside without makeup sometimes and when I'm just at home, internet is a LOT bigger than just our mall. Having my naked face all over it, is -not- on the top of my wishlist. And and I think -exactly- the same thing when other women post a picture and say something like ''I look horrible''. That's when I think:''Why does she think THAT, she looks gorgeous! I wish I looked like her''. Sounds familiar?
We all have that little voice inside of our heads that tells us we are not good enough, not pretty enough. In some it's louder than in others, but it's there. Do NOT let it ruin your life, ruin your fun, ruin your beauty. Show that voice that it's wrong and smile! Smile that frown away, smile because your heatlhy, because the world is out there, and smile because YOU. ARE. BEAUTIFULL.
Don't let anyone, not even yourself, -ever- tell you otherwise!

Thunbs up for everyone that's read all of this....I hope I made my point
Thumbs up for every woman that's going out without makeup today.
Thumbs up for every woman that wears makeup because she -wants- to, not because she feels she -has- to.

I believe that beauty shines from within, making you look more beautifull then any fully makeupped catwalk model out there...
You are all beautifull, each and every one of you!