EOTD: Purples with Sugarpill

The idea for this EOTD came from BlogginBeauties. Lisanne used 2 purples by Sugarpill to create a look, and I really wanted to try it out myself.

I used Gosh eyeshadowbasestick, to help the loose powder stick to my eyes.
I used the Sugarpill loose powder Weekender on my whole eyelid. And into the outer V and above the crease I applied  the Sugarpill eyeshadow Poison Plum.

 Because I thought Weekender had enough shimmer and glitter (sparkly!), I used a nude coloured highliter below my brows.
 I applied some black gelliner, to make it a bit more darker towards to eye.

Below my eye I applied Gosh's Purple Stain with some Poison Plum applied on top of it.

 I used some Gosh Natural Touch Foundation(more on that later)  and Gosh's Amethyst lipstick(which reflects really weird on the pics). Don't you just love my Nightmare before christmas robe? :))

We went shopping like this, I also wore a black short skirt, black leggings with grey knittedlegwarmers, and black hightopped sneakers.

And here's a random weird pic that I took after we went home and wanted to schnuggle up on the couch in my favourite vest: