EOTD: Hysteric Magentric Weekend(er)

Here's a fast look I did with 2 of my new Sugarpill powders and one I already owned.

Since I was going to work and I wasn't expecting Magentric to be that bright, I added some Hysteric in my outer eye corner. Just to tone it down a bit, it makes the whole look much softer.

Weekender reflects a bit blue here, but it really is a lilac with lots of diff colours shimmer. I used a neutral colour below my euebrows, because it was all really sparkly already. It didn't need a sparkly highlighter.

I used a black gelliner to give it something dark, aswell as a black kohl below my eyes. I like bright eyeshadow, but because I don't have much eyelashes, I tend to use some black eyeliner to make it a bit darker. I guess I just have a thing for dark ;)

I was wearing a tight knitted dress in black and pink/purple print, and a customer commented on me matching my clothes and makeup. It was the one day that I hadn't had the time to do my nails, otherwise I would have had matching nails aswell. I get these match-moods sometimes *shrug*