How to wear a Fragrance……

wear fragrance

Did you know that fragrances can match personalities, the different seasons, occasions and gatherings and mood?  So once you have decided on the fragrance you will be wearing below is a quick guide to help you apply the fragrance.

Most common was to apply a fragrance is on the pulse points and common areas.  These are the wrists, crook of the elbow, back of the knees and neck.  If you spray, dab or spritz your wrist (pulse point) with a fragrance, do not crush the scent or rub the scent on another area, this will break the aroma and lesson its longevity.

You can also spray a small amount of the fragrance or perfume into the air in front of you and walk through it. This way your whole body will be immersed in a light spray of scent.

For the guys you can spray some cologne on the nape of the neck and shoulder for intimate moments. A woman will be pleasantly surprised by a hint of cologne along that area.

We have heard of instances that some ladies, for those romantic intimate moments wear a light spray of perfume around the cleavage. Not common however some people do.

Some people also spray perfume and fragrances (a light layer) onto their clothes. This is good if you know that you will be around smokers for example and don’t want smell of smoke if you are out all night. The only problem is, the fragrance or perfume may stain the clothes so be careful.

Doesn’t matter which way you apply your fragrance or the method you use to wear you perfume everyone has a way that works for them which is sometimes the best after all. Finally always read the product labels and its safe instructions on how to use.

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