Evil Shades Cosmetics Haul

I just had to post this -now-, I've pushed some other blogs back for this one. Yes, I can do that :P

I've looked at the awesomeness of Evil Shades Cosmetics,  ''Evil is the new Pink'', for quite a while, mourning the fact that I don't own a creditcard. I like the simplicity of the webshop and what it states:

I do not consider Evil Shades to be a straight mineral makeup company.
I do create mostly mineral products and I try to stay as natural as possible, however I do not limit mycosmetics to strictly mineral. I do not want anyone to be mislead inthat. All of my products from begining to end are artisan created andblended to be unique.I do not ever repackage, nor do I sell unbased pigments or mica, onlyfinished cosmetics hand created, packaged, and shipped by myself.
Yours,   EvilAngel

Evil Shades Cosmetics Does not condone or use any animal testing on any of the products created.
Nor are any supplies purchased from any company or Parent company that utilizes any form of animal testing.
This is an area I am firm on and will not tolerate any lax in!

When Linda from Enchantra, asked me for some nice webshops, I immediately pointed her to Evilshades. Evilshades is a webshop with colours that aren't very natural or nude, but more bright and sparkly and still a bit goth, something I really love.

When Linda told me she wanted to place an order, I asked her if I could order some stuff with her, and she said yes and made my day!

I had a big list, and had to make it quite a bit shorter to make it a bit more affordable, haha. I've used the kits to make it even more affordable aswell. Great deals those kits!
So here's what I got, for around 50 euros:

Some samples of products I wanted to try:
I already regret not buying a full size of Drakon, it's really beautifull. The sample pots seem nice, but they do tend to ''blow away'' a bit of product when you close them, if you know what I mean. Makes me want to have full sizes that much more. Smart move, hahaha. Seriously though, On the FAQ's I read she has nerve damage and arthritis in her hand and the tiny baggies are very slow and painful for her to work with. So I think it's a great way for people to still receive samples and for her to still like what she does.

The eyeshadows I bought in full sizes:
Mordant,  Double Barrell, 
Cheshire, Steele Green, Wanderflower, 
Souls Torment, Acolyte, Zombie, Whooo Are U

The wicked glosses I ordered:
13th Hour and Deadly

Hardcore Lips:
Miscreant and Doom

Deviant Lipsticks:
Primrose Path, Corruption, Diabolical, Fiendish, Bane

Quick pic of Miscreant on my lips. In real life MUCH more blue and vibrant, exactly like it looks in the tube.
It feels supersoft on my lips and it tastes really sweet. Might be a perfect match for my EFF peacock costume!

I wish I could try everything out, right NOW, especially the lippies, but my lips are way too sensitive for that, so I have to be a bit patient. I'm eager to see how long they last, if they bleed and how they look on my pale lips.

I'm already in love with everything, how weird is that? ;)

Have you ever ordered form Evilshades? Are you going to after reading this? ;)