Catrice Careme Collection Haul

I had give up on getting products from the limited edition Catrice Careme collection. I couldn't find a store that had them in stock.

BUT, my sweet collegue Mariska, called me last week when she was at a Trekpleister. ''If I still wanted that peacock eyeliner?"  Uh..Yes! Please! :)
Apparantly they also had some other products, so she got me the ones I had on my wishlist. She send them to me, because she's on vacation right now.

She got me:
  • Peacock Blue liquid eyeliner (what's in a name? ;)  )
  • Spiced Red lipgloss (really pigmented!!)
  • Spiced Red eyeshadow (seems to be a MAC dupe)


It took a while to get here, I was already worried it might have gotten lost in the mail. But ofcourse, on the day I texted my collegue about it, I found the envelope lying on my doormat when I got home :)
The eyeshadow was unfortunately broken , but that was easily fixed with some alcohol: