Eclipse Premiere EOTD & LOTD

So I've been a 'fan' of Twilight ever since I picked up the books in dec 2008. We had just seen the movie and we thought the vampires were like faires or even discoballs, and that the man characters were acting really weird all the time. But we also thought, maybe the books are worth the read. So I picked up my first copy of Twilight, and the rest is history. I'm not fangirl, because I don't squeel whenever I see RPatz or Taylor Lautner, Although I don't mind seeing PFatch ;). BUt I do love the books, and even hubs got into it. We had a hard time sharing the books because I re-read them a lot, so we now have 2 copies of the series :P Through Twilight I've met some amazing woman, who I consider to be some of the most awesome women I know. We only really talk about Twilight anymore when the movies come out, but we talk about everything else everyday :)

Anyway, to make a long story short, on wednesday night, we went to see Eclipse, and we were NOT dissapointed. It seems that with every part, the movie gets better. I won't go into it much further because of spoilers, but trust me, they did a pretty good job.

This was my EOTD:

I used Morbid Minerals(how appropriate) Old Blood(hahaha), Bullet, and Gosh Effect Powder Steel.

I also used a Barry M kohlpencil:

And My fav Gosh mascara:

If I was a scary squeeling fangirl, I might look like this:

When In reality I looked more like this:
(Yeah squinting into the sun looks soooooo good on me, hahahaha)
I didn't use much makeup, just a bit of Soft N Shine Aubergine on my lips.

I really adore my new peacock necklace, more about that tomorrow!