NOTD: a failed one and a loved one...

I wanted to try something different, but it didn't work out the way I wanted. It didn't look good to me, so I took it off and used another polish.

This is my failed one:

Using OPI Bastille My Heart(which is darker irl) and OPI Mad as a Hatter:

And this is my loved one:
This is Revlon's Raven Red, one of my all time favs, and thanx to Ally I now own another bottle *YEAY*. I wore this polish on my wedding, which makes it even more beautifull to me. The pic above, doesn't do it justice though, it's a darker burgundy, really smooth, and with a subtle shine.
This polish is very easy to apply, dries SO quickly and stays perfect for a lot of days. on the pic above I've already worked with it aswell(opening boxes, playing with scissors, etc)

On a personal note:
As of tomorrow I'll be working more, due to the fact that I have a second job. I'll try and post a blog everyday, but they might be later than usual, or I might miss a day. I'll do my best though :)