Ive won a prize at Enchanting Beauty!

As I've mentioned before, Enchantra has been doing giveaways for an entire month. And I won one of them, w000h0000!
I won a NYX beautifull eyes palette, and I've chosen the one for green eyes.(my eyecolour is a combo of more than one colour, but it comes closest to green).

I told Enchantra on twitter that they could send the palette with my Konad imamgeplates. I just ordered 4 of those when they had the 50% discount bargain during a World Cup game. Saves some money and packaging :)

Unfortunately for me, The postal office(or chauffeur) was as carefull with it as a kid running with scissors....
So this was the result:

I almost cried when I took it out of the cover...I think this was the first time makeup I got was broken in the mail. And I thought it was such a waste!

I was afraid to open the palette, but it was not as bad as I'd thought:

As you can see: the highlighting colour is broken pretty badly, but other than that, theres just a little corner broken from the purple. When I cleaned everything and blew off the highlighter colour of the rest, the palette was mostly intact. It's a shame it broke, but I'm still very happy with it. I love the colours and I'll definately be using it for EOTD's soon.