FYI: Chemical Countess... Do You Know Your Body's Impact?

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Now this is just craziness!

Imagine the toxic combinations if you mix products? Like... what if you use more than one hair styling product or several different brands of makeup together?  If you're just starting out and want to switch to more natural products- the easiest and most effective way is to start with products that cover the largest surface area of your skin. Begin with your Soap / Body Wash & Body Lotion (see my reviews for ideas). These are probably the easiest safe products to find and have the biggest impact. Next, try different Shampoo & Conditioner (it runs down your body in the shower)...  Another easy switch is Lip Balm. 

The best advice I can give- is to just take it one day at a time so you don't feel so overwhelmed! It happens though. I totally get my panties in a bunch when I come to find out that a product I thought was safe... has one little, teeny-tiny little ingredient in it that isn't! And whatever you do, don't go nuts and toss all of your products at once, like I did. As you run out of products, make healthier choices when buying new ones. When you know better, do better. I research everywhere I can! If your new to the green-scene... a good place to start is by using the EWG's Skin Deep Cosmetics Database  along with a little common sense. Another great resource is the Chemical of the Day Blog. Whatever the case, just remember... we are ALL on this journey together and we WILL get there- come hell or high water!  xo