Review : Kruidvat Rozenwater

Recently, I bought this Rosewater at Kruidvat, because I read somewhere that Rosewater can be very good for your skin. I searched for it at our toko, but they didn't have it. And then I found some at Kruidvat instead.

It comes in a very simple glass bottle and it cost somewhere around 2 euros if I remember correctly.

Because this bottle has a pretty big opening, I put the rosewater in an empty Toner bottle that I had from Lush. This way I can spray some on a cottonpad and it's easier to use.

I like the feel of it on my skin: it feels very refreshing and cool. I use it before I go to bed and when I wake up. With this weather I like to have that fresh feeling on my skin, after I almost melted from my bed.

It cleans pretty good, because I can see what it picks up on the cottonpad. I'm not sure if my skin loves it though. I do have a few irregularities since I started using it, but then again, the weather has changed drastically. It's been really HOT outside and sweat and sunscreen tend to give you irregularities aswell.

I haven't seen any real changes since I started using it, so I guess it's not doing something different than my Lush Toner (eau de Roma), but this one IS a lot less expensive.

So if you're thinking about buying a toner, try this one out!