8th year anniversary

Yesterday, it was our 8th year anniversary! We had a busy busy weekend, I had to work on saturday, had to go to a bday at night and the next day we went to the Halloweenparty in Zeeland. So we didnt really have a lot of energy left on monday to celebrate.

(I dont have a lot of digital picks of back then, because my old harddrive crashed with 5 years worth of pics, incl our first years together)

We both had to work, but my wonderfull hubby came to pick me up, and had a beautifull red rose for me, the same rose I used as flowers for my wedding. So sweet of him!

These feel like velvet and are a deep red colour:

We are definately going out to dinner at the Hielander to celebrate, but we decided to do that when we have some more time to enjoy it :)