♥ EVENT: Healing Cancer World Summit ♥

Free Online Event starting October 25th, 2011 for 5 Nights Only!

The Healing Cancer World Summit will feature some of the TOP Alternative Cancer Treatment Experts on the Planet... meet Cancer Doctors, Nutritionists + Advocates who say Cancer may be treated successfully + Naturally - without excessive use of Drugs, Surgery, Radiation + Chemotherapy... Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez, Dr. Francisco Contreras, Charlotte Gerson, Burton Goldberg, Mike Adams, and more!

Healing Cancer World Summit Topics Include:
♥ Simple + affordable natural therapies doctors are using to prevent + treat Cancers + other diseases.
♥ Herbs + supplements that are scientifically known to prevent cancer.
♥ Scientific + documented proof that natural cancer treatments work.
♥ How to detoxify + cleanse the body naturally + safely.
♥ Amazing stories of patients who've been healed naturally + are still thriving today
♥ Plus soooo much more!

If you're impressed in the least bit by how I've changed my lifestyle, you will be BLOWN AWAY by the speakers brought together for this event! Even if you’ve never heard of them, believe me... they are the real deal! These are the pioneers, heroes, and superstars of natural and alternative Cancer treatment!

What I want you to know is... that there ARE options!

Many of you who follow me know I've searched outside the realm of conventional Cancer therapy since I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer at 31. After two Surgeries and 33 Radiation Treatments my doctors gave me the option for Chemo and Tamoxifen in which I refused both. I just didn't feel that breaking down my immune system, especially when I needed it most or exchanging one Cancer for two other types was the way to go. I also couldn't afford $60,000 + to freeze and store my eggs. With the amount of Pink Ribbon money poured into Breast Cancer Research I was furious that none of my conventional doctors could tell me what caused Cancer... or how to prevent it from coming back!So I took it upon myself to look into what the causes of Cancer were... after all, my life depended on it. I discovered that Cancer for the most part-  is a Lifestyle Disease (only 10% is genetic, mine wasn't).

I've since chosen the road less traveled in terms of treatment, and do everything differently than I did before, because well, obviously- the result was Cancer. I'm not going to lie... when I first entertained the idea of alternative options, I totally didn't believe they hype! If they were so effective, why didn't anybody know about them and more importantly why weren't they being offered to me by my Cancer doctors? But as I started hearing success stories and saw their results, I was convinced that options outside of drugs, chemotherapy and radiation do in fact exist - options that can save me, you or your family members from the pain and suffering that comes with a diagnosis... and the conventional treatment of cancer.

If you want to learn more about what I've learned in my own exploration of this topic, you can listen (at home, as I will be too) to the stories of these amazing experts as they explain specific, simple, affordable and healthy ways to prevent Cancer. They will also share the treatments that are working in their clinics around the world. These doctors are the visionaries who are researching cutting edge scientific documents to determine what really works. This is not a theory.
Please, please, pretty please share this important info so nobody else has to go through what I've been through! You Can Sign Up HERE! THANKS! xo

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