As you can see, the layout of the blog has changed.
A lot of you wanted to have a wider screen for the blogposts and pics, and unfortunately my template did not have that ability.
Im now using a different and customized template, and this one is a lot wider.
Don't mind the header and such, I need time to make a good new one, for now, this is it. :P

If anyone has tips on how to create different pages for the 'about me', 'links', etc, so the layout will be even more spaceous and a lot less cluttered, please let me know. I'm not sure if I even have that option in Blogger.

At least now Ill be able to post bigger pics, which I think is a lot more fun. Even though the pics were always clickalbe to a bigger version, it's such a bore to do that with all the pics.

Anyway, feel free to leave me some tips or criticism, because it's not finished yet...I think.