NOTD: Ms Hautie isn't so hot

This is an NOTD of Colorclubs Ms Hautie.

It's a grey which has a beautifull pink shine over it in the bottle. But on the nails this shine unfortunately does NOT show.

The glitter are chunky and after applying it on my nails, they look like I dippd them in sand before I painted them.

 I'm not often dissapointed in a nailpolish, sometimes I'm not very fond of a colour, but almost never do I find a polish absolutely rubbish. Well, this one kinda is. Don't get me wrong, some poeple might really like this one, it's just not the right polish for -me-.

Luckely, I have all kinds of topcoats in my stash, so I turned to my Hello, Holo by Essence, and this is what I got:

 In your face sparkle!