World Animal Day!

Today it's World Animal Day, on which we take extra good care of our pets. Well, actually, my cats are spoiled enough already as it is, but you know what I mean :).

So I thought it would be fun to put my cats in the spotlight once again, i thought kittenpics would be more fun, enjoy!

Loki and Odin as kittens, and their mom Sophie
Loki, my little monkey

Odin as a kitten


Loki was NO normal cat 
Not normal at all..

He was from the Matrix!

Odin and Sidney, 2 Vikings doing what they do best....Sleeping!
Loki was, and is, one of the most playfull..


And Social cats I know.

Odin just wanted (and still does) to sleep, didn't matter where
Arent's they adorable?

That mouse I captured was THIS big!
I told you,. Loki is not a normal cat...
Let's not forget some kitten pics on Freya:

Golden little fluffball

First babysteps

Still fluffy
With her mother Sophie

Starting to get a bit darker here
Eyecolour slowly changing
Becoming a Diva
And how is Freya doing now?

She acts like she owns the house

And I think she wants us to pay catnip

And shoes...preferably smelly ones..

She always looks at us, as if we did something WRONG

Or if we are edible..

She can be really cute..

When she sleeps!
And she LOVES the xbox, always sitting in front of the game..being a big nuisance to Sid, haha

Looking so different from when she was born!

I think Freya is about 2,5 kilos now and she is still growing fast...she might even get as big as Loki or Odin!? Oh dear....