Born Pretty Store Facebook Giveaway

Taken from the Born Pretty Store website:

Facebook Free Giveaway - Cute Hello Kitty Nail Sticker! 

Hi everyone, we will offer free giveaway on facebook at 2:00pm GMT on August 26 , if you want to get this free giveaway, please read the below text: 

1. The simple rule is, you should like us on Facebook @ BornPrettyStore2010 at first, and post “ enter me ” below this post

2. We will offer 1000pcs Hello Kitty Nail Sticker, the coupon will be announced at 2:00pm GMT on August 26, you can use the coupon to order this free giveaway then. 

3. Only
the first 1000 people who use the coupon successfully can get this free
giveaway, so, if you want to get it successfully and smoothly, you can
post “enter me” below the post now, and Register on our website now, avoid too many people visit our website cause the server crashes while you using the coupon on our website.

4. If more than 1000 replies below this post before
2:00pm GMT, we will offer another 1000pcs, that means if we can find
1001 "enter me " there before that time, we will offer 2000pcs giveaway.
And if more than 2000 replies, we will offer 3000pcs giveaway.

If we get more than 15,000 likes before 2:00pm GMT, we will offer 2000pcs giveaway too.