Blogging / Vacation

Since my hubs is having his vacation right now, I tend to spend my free time with him. I don't have vacationtime, but I do have some free days between my workingdays. I really want to spend them with my hubs to do fun stuff and ofcourse relax some.

This means that I have a bit less time to spend online to blog. (And since I don't use internet on my phone bceause I'm oldfashioned, I nalready am not as much online as most bloggers. :P ) I don't intend to quit during his whole vacation, but I'll be blogging a bit less. Don't worry though, it's not like he has weeks to go or anything, a part has already passed. But since hubs only has a vacation once a year, I really want to have some more free time on my hands.

Not only that, my bloodpressure has been behaving badly lately, and it's giving me headaches and not enough sleep. I really need it to get lower, otherwise I'll have to visit my doc again. So some relaxingtime for me, is probably good anyway.

That being said, I'm still putting things together for the giveaway for my 30th birthday on the 28th.

I hope you'll still visit me ;)  when I post blogs (bloglovin is great to see when Ive posted stuff), and I'll probably be back bloggin daily soon enough.

Take care!