My birthday is coming up again: Wishlist & Lemmings

Last year I made a wishlist for my birthday, and I got to strike through a lot of the things on that list.
Now I'm making a new one, (even though there's still some left on the old one), just because I can. :)
Mostly, I do it because people never know what to give me for my birthday, even though I appreciate anything. It's the thought that counts, right?
 Anyway, I tend to get a lot of money, and I think it's better to make a list of things you otherwise never would have bought, than add it to the groceryshopping money. Because it will end up there if I don't buy anything nice for it. So now, I tend to take a closer look at blogs and webshops to create a wishlist of things I might be able to get or buy for my bday. It's fun to do and it makes my bday easier aswell :)
I'v been doing this for months now, so the list is quite long. But I really don't intend to buy all of it, sometimes it's just nice to want things, not neccessarily having them. Yes I'm weird that way.

-Disney earrings:

 I saw them on Linda, at the Auryn opening, and put them on my wishlist, right after I got home. (I got these from Linda and Robert for my bday when Sid and I celebrated our bdays together!)

-Red leather pants. Even though I already own a black one and several fake leather black ones. I still want a red one. Not bright red, but a deeper red. But, since I need one made to measure, it's been on my wishlist for quite some time. I could have one made especially for me, but that's several hundreds of euros, which is a bit too much. lol.

-Alchemy, Venetian Death Mask necklace (I'm a sucker for (venetian) masks):

I'm a big fan of Alchemy jewelry(over 17 years now, hubby even longer than that), and I tend to buy something by this brand at Castlefest and such. I own several necklaces now and a beautifull ring. I do pick the simpler versions most of the time, so I can combine them easier with 'normal' clothes. This one is at the top of my list now, hopefully I can score it on Castlefest. (unfortunately, I couldn't find it on Castlefest, I'm a sad panda now)

-Mrs Hudson's Cellar Keys:
-Alchemy, Pavoninia (I don't think i need to explain this one):
For some reason, I always decide not to buy this one. I'm not sure why. Maybe because it's a bit harder to combine with 'normal' clothes.

-The Dresden Files, Audio books. Me and hubs totally love this series. We own all the books(except for the comics, and Ghost Story, because it's not in paperback yet. :( ) . But there are also audiobooks, and those stories are told by James Marsters(!). So yeah, I'd love to have these, to hear the characters really come to life.

-Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter, comic books. I already own the normal books(after book 13 orso, first 13 I loaned and need to buy from 5 and up, so on the wishlist aswell), and it's one of my favourite series. Unfortunately, comics aren't as cheap as books around here, so I'm putting them on my wishlist.

-Living Dead Souls Top at Attitude Holland:
I totally adore these kind of tops. Probably need at least a size M to make sure my boobs fit into it though.

-Sleek Curious palette and the Circus palette(I own a lot, but not all of them, and these are the ones I'd really want). Aruba palette, I thnk I'll regret it if I don't.

-Feather hairextensions

- a RED holographic polish. I don't mean the orange or pinktoned from the normal brands. I really mean in-your-face-firetruck-red. I've seen them online in foreign countries who dont sell to europe. They ARE out there..

-Too Faced Galaxy Glam shadows, Moon Beam

-Gosh effect powders Limelight, Lemonade, Midnight, Green Gate, Blue Whale, Steel, Green Python.

-Mac pigment samples.

-Morgana Cryptoria lipsticks, because they are awesome.

-Evil Shades lipsticks, because they are awesome aswell :) 

-Sleek Pout Paints 

-MAC Fix+ 


-Sleek Jewels palette

-Chine Glaze Crackle Metals

-More Alchemy jewelry:

 The Reliquary Heart Locket, with the inscription "Where I am always thou art, Thy image lives within my heart":

 La Mort De Coeur:
 Queen of the Night:
-Wet n Wild lipsticks:

 Unfortunately, I can't get any Wet n Wild around here. Just like Revlon, I like Revlon a lot, but our drugstores have discontinued the brand :(

- Urban Decay Primer Potion

-Nfu Oh 66

-Nubar Reclaim

-anything from brands I've never tried before, I love trying out new stuff.

I'm curious to see what I will get and or buy this year :)

My birthday is the 28th of August, I'll be turning 30, so we sure to check the blog for a giveaway!