Daan's first birthday & LOTD

Since, I shared Daan's birth, I ofcourse had to share his first birthday. (Which was last tuesday, and we celebrated it on sunday).

Here's Sid with Daan, when we just came in the door. I hadn't seen him crawl that fast before!

Daan with our gift, he didn't really understand that the paper wasn't the gift...

And there's Vtech's Vrolijke Vormenkevertje!

My face after our visit and riding our bike through the cold. The lipstick did -not- like the cold.

And my outfit of the day:
Black treggings(or jeggings, whatever), black longsleeves( I was cold), grey long shirt with cameo and peacockfeather print, black bolero and black overknee boots(well they are supposed to be overknee...)