'Twas the day before christmas...

....and I had to go to work. Hahahaha. I did put on a simple little black dress, so that I didn't have to change after work and still was comfortable enough to go my job.

I kept my makeup fairly simple, with just a touch of sparkle.

I used some everyday minerals on my face, and a bordeaux coloured Lipfinity.

I'm really bubbly in the morning...NOT!

cute pastry my boss got me for lunch :)

Having dinner in the local snackbar
This is where the migraine started kicking in...so  took off the headband

The christmas tree with all the presents

We have this tradition to have breakfast at 12 o clock at night on christmas eve and give eachother little presents. I got really cute cameo earrings and lingerie giftcards.

Daan playing Sidneys game of honking somenes nose.

BTW, sorry for not posting on monday and tuesday, but I really needed some rest :)