NOTD: Collistar Bordeaux Perlato

Look at my poor short nails! I'be broken some on my right hand at work, and I thought it looked really weird, to hav long nails on the rest of my fingers. So I chopped them all off....and now I feel like my fingers are cut off. I use my nails for -everything-. :(

Oh and I have some papercuts aswell, lol. I don't understand why my hands and cuticles always look so dry on camera, because they aren't in real life. No wrinkles and nice and soft. Weird huh? *frowns*
Maybe my cam can make pictures of the future? lol

Anyway, this is a NOTD with the second new polish I got from Collistar. It's a gorgeous dark red, like a perfect wine colour.

I'm addicted to reds, and this one applies very easily, and dries fast aswell. I used INM topcoat, so this mani would last for days.

This polish reflects the light beautifully, and if you are searching for a nice red, maybe for christmas?, this one is definately one you should try.