The first day of christmas

I tend to wear green of red on christmas, it just feels... appropiate?
Anyway, since I'm a sucker for red, this year I went for a black-red combination.

I'm wearing a red haltertop with black velvet tattoo print. I really love it, except that the fabric is really thick, which makes it wrinkle around me. It's from the same collection as the little black dress I wore to christmas last year ;)
Then I have a black suede pencilskirt, which is a bit hiked up here, trust me it's longer.
Some black leggings with black lace stockings on top, which you can;t see on the pic unfortunately.
A black knitted bolero, my favourite black pumps with bands around my ankle, and some red flowers in my hair.

I decided on christmas morning what to do with my makeup...a bit last minute, hahaha.

I opted for gold...lots of gold. I can tell you that I've used around 7 different colours of gold, and lots of different brands.

 There's some Mac, Sugarpill, Barry M, Gosh, Sleek and Hema in there.

 I used false lashes by Fingr's, which I really liked btw.

And ofcourse, I used my Chanel lipstick, for the first time....more on that later!

Ofcourse we also made pics of use on this holiday, so prepare for picturespam :P

walking to my inlaws

We made a very sad snowman on our way.

Trying out my new cam, panorama option

just us
being silly

walking home at night.