Review & Swatches: Laushine Nail Polish

When I first had a crackle polish from Born Pretty Store, it wasn't what I expected. When I spoke to them about it, they told me they had another brand now and asked if I wanted to try it out. I was curious to know if this one was better so I asked for a green one.

As a base I used Rimmel's Jaded Glamour, which I thought would give a great contrast with the darker green. The crackle polish is a little bit darker in real life, the flash of my cam lightened it a bit.

The Crackle polish is called Laushine Nail Polish. This is number 15 and it contains 15 ml of product. This bottle costs 4,91 dollars which is around 3,5 euros.

I love love love this crackle. It doesn't need a thick coat as some do, and because of it, it doesn't really need a topcoat either. Lots of crackles dry in thick cracks which feel gritty and can catch on you clothes and such so you generally put a topcoat over it to make it smooth.
This one doesn't really need a thick coat as you can see, even a really thin layer already gives a nice(see indexfinger) effect. A bit thicker gives a darker and more crackled effect (see thumb). But it is nowhere near a thick coat like other crackles Ive used.

This crackle is definately much better than the brand they selled before, and I think it's even the best crackle I've used so far :)