EOTD: Oh So Special at Auryn

This is another EOTD with the Sleek Oh So Special palette.l I did this when we went to Auryn again, the day before my birthday.

 I don't remember which colours Ive used exact;y where, but I mostly used The Mail, Gift Basket and Celebrate.

 This is such a great palette to have, especially if you love bright lips and I do.
It's always a perfect combo.

No idea what happened to my hair here, hahaha.
This was when we were in the train, going back home. I was wearing a black lace bodycon dress and a black knitted bolero. Also, AWESOME shoes my hubs bought me for my bday, which I'll show soon in a different blog :)

On an even more personal note, hubs is finally doing a bit better, but nowhere near healthy yet. And the loss of sleep has broken me, so Ive been having a fever since wednesday. Sid said he could fry eggs on my feet. I like to point out that my feet are always ice cold, so that's pretty hot. Anyway, I probably have a troatinfection or a light flu or something, and hopefully, this will be over soon.
My mom send me something that helps, more on that later :)