EOTD: Yellow and Purple with Sugarpill / Sleek

This is an EOTD I did when I still had a fever and had to go to work. I only needed to work 3 hours in the evening, so I decided to just go and take them time in the weekend to get better. What's 3 hours, eh?

When I don't feel well, I tend to use bright colours to lighten my mood or make me feel better. Doesn't always work, hubby calls it compensation. :)

So this time, I used yellow and purple....

 For this look I wanted to use the Sleek Curacao palette. Matte colours tend to become really light on my eyes, so I decided to use Sugarpill colours a s abit of a coloured base.
So I usd Buttercake and Poison Plum on my eyelid, and later applied Sleek eyeshadows over it. Ofcpurse you can do this look with just the Sugarpill eyeshadows only ;)

 Here you can see the diagonal shape I used to apply the shadows. I have no idea why the eyeliner looks chopped ot in the middle of the wing though.

 Anyway, on with the Sleek Curacao palette: I applied Martini below the browbone and towards the crease as a highlighter.
 Then I applied Screwdriver in the inner eyecorner and towards the middle of the eye. Then I applied Purple Haze in the outer eyecorner and with a diagonal line towards the middle of the eye. I also applied Purple Haze into and above the crease. Leaving some yellow pointing towards the outer eye corner.

 I used a black eyeliner above the eyes and for the wing, and Gosh Black Ink below the eyes.
My hands wre itching to do more colour below the eyes and to apply fake lashes, but I had to go to work. So instead I did the simple eyeliners.

With some Light Burgundy blush by Catrice and some Soft Touch soft n shine by Gosh:

Can you tell I'm having a bit of a fever and feel like crap? :P

I seriously have to do something like this again with fake lashes and purple lipstick..