Birthday Presents

Most of the time, people seem to have a hard time getting me a birthday gift. I don't really know why, because I like everything, it's the thought that counts. But apparantly people seems to think they might dissapoint me or something, awww. :)

Anyway, here are a few of the gifts that I got for my bday, next to a lot of money that I still need to spend on nice stuff. :)

My beloved took me to this small boutique that I told him I wanted to go to for my birthday gift. It's really small and has all these special dresses from Paris. I like simpel things with a twist, and I love the stuff at this store. But since it's pretty expensive, I decided it would be perfect for a bdaygift.

I tried a few dresses, but this one stood out the most, its simpel, yet elegant. It flows around me and clings to my curves without feeling and looking too tight. It's really different from anything I own, and I absolutely adore it. The lace somehow lays on top of the fabric, without having seems at the back of it. I think it's part of this beautifull fabric.

Then he also bought me these FFING awesome shoes. This is the kind of shoes I love, but most of the time they are too wide or too big. These fit perfectl, which is kinda hard with my small(in width) feet. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the black suede fabric, the silver bucckles and the SNAKESKIN platform. *sigh*
Aren't they to die for?

Yeah, my hubs has got some great taste!

From others I also got these beautifull earrings:
A gift card for The Hielander, the Scottish reataurant, where Sid proposed.
Everything we need for a day for two at Artis a zoo here in NL, bonbons, lollypops, lucky hearts, etc
And lots of money, that I have to decide on what to spend it on......