It definately pours.....

As you can see, I've been offline for quite some time.
It was super busy at work, and lots of stuff happened, which I am NOT going to talk about. :P

But my laptop is working again, without me needing to do bad things to it, or threaten it. And I was supposed to be online a bit sooner, but I just didn't have the energy and time.

My dear beloved is now, while I'm typing at least, sleeping beside me, and I'm hoping he can keep it up for a few hours.
He was feeling very sick a few days ago and stayed home. And in the night from friday to saturday, he got a severe pain in his ear due to an ear infection. For those who've never had such a thing, it might sound like nothing special. But trust me, the pain is unbearable. With Sid's diabetes, he is prone to infections, and will heal much much slower than other people.
So he was awake all that night from pain, and I bought eardrops the next day. But unfortunately they did nothing to eliviate his pain.
It kept getting worse and worse, untill finally, he just couldn't take it anymore and completely broke down. We called to the emergency doctors that are available in the weekends, and even though it was -really- busy (they were already scheduling 4 hours ahead), we got to go in immediately.
Sid got antibiotics and new eardrops and I really hoped it would help. They told him to use asperin for the pain, but it did nothing for him and it kept getting worse. So finally when I couldn't take it anymore seeing him in so much pain, I called the docs again, and they prescribed a milder form of morfine. Hopefully, that way he could at least get some sleep. We went there through a big rainstorm and lots of lightning that had been going on for hours on end. Almost seemed appropriate.

In the end, he got  maybe 2 hours of sleep before waking from the pain, and he had to wait in agony for the hours to pass before he could take the medcine again. Now, in the afternoon he finally sleps a bit more peacefully, probably from sheer exhaustion. It pains me to see him like that, knowing there's nothing I can do for him. So my mind is once again preoccupied with other stuff.

Having said that, I am going to pick up blogging again, and hopefully this time, nothing will stand in my way :)