The Glam Look of Lashes - Don't Forget your ipod

March 25, 2007
Since my year round job are my clients that come to my home studio, I got up early today to put on a set of eyelash extensions. Tracy loves having the full set of medium flare lashes. I call this the Glam Look. She purchased an Eyelash Extensions Kit to take home with her. She told me later that she convinced her husband to apply a lash flare when one came off. Now he applies the lash extensions whenever one falls out. What a great husband!
As you all well know by now, I’ve been transformed into the night owl. I never really see the light of day. I say good morning to my family at 3:30pm, sometimes I’m still at home to have dinner with them at 5pm, and then it’s off to work. The set location has changed. So now you have to somehow focus on figuring out the map attached to the call sheet. You sit in your car, turn on the dome light and spend 10 minutes figuring out the directions. And of course for my assistant Calla, she needs to find a route that will take her right past a Starbucks Coffee.
I have this young, bubbly, assistant. Her name is Calla Dreyer. We call her the Hair and Makeup Swing. Now that doesn’t mean the same as “swinger”. She has this cute little laugh that no matter how serious the deal is, she’ll make a joke of it. Like I always say ”It’s not brain surgery we’re just making a movie”.
I’m also working with a wonderful, funny, Annie Lennox look alike, Kiwi Makeup Artist by the name of Amanda McGowan. She keeps the pace in the hair and make up trailer, with her traveling ipod and docking station cranked with Ambient to House to R& B and sometimes even the Classical Bach tunes. The ipod video and ipod nano, all fit into these docking sound systems. They are great to have in our hair and makeup trailer because of the small size and the big sound. On weekends, Amanda can pack it up in just seconds, put it in her purse and take it home with her. I keep my ipod video in my docking sound system in my salon at home. It’s small enough to sit on the window ledge and still has a great full sound.
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Amada McGowan has a makeup site at