American Crew & Redken - actors love them

Mar 15,2007
The actor, Luis Chavez who is one of the 4 thugs in the movie, “While She Was Out’. Luis steps up into the Make up & Hair trailer. I get my good morning hug before he sits down into the chair. I start with a light misting of bottled water, which is replaced in my spritz bottle. Then I squeeze a fair amount of American Crew Gel into the palm of my hand and work it thru Luis’s damp hair. Now for the low hum of the warm blow dryer that puts him into a trance. We casually talk about how many hours of sleep we all got the night before, the emails we received from our friends today, and what scenes he will be doing later tonight. I’ve blow-dried his hair completely sticking up everywhere like a Don King punker. Then I add the American Crew Tea Tree Extra Firm Styling Cream on my fingertips. I then rub my hands together and work the styling cream through the ends of the hair only. I spend another few minutes twisting the hair together into 2-inch sections making them look randomly chunky. This styling cream adds lots of texture and a pliable hold. It also has a low shine. And then a final touch of Redken Headset 25 Extra Strength Finishing Spray since it is raining hard outside tonight, I’ll need to keep it looking this way for a few hours. The great thing about these hair products, is that they are all water based, and will leave no build up in the hair and they will wash out easily without a residue. These are great products for the guys to use and Luis likes how great they smell too.

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