Lukas Haas is styled with Redken and Sebastian

March 17,2007
Still working nights on the movie set of “While She Was Out”, here in Vancouver, Canada. For all of you guys out there who don’t know what a Call Sheet is, it gives you all the details for the day at hand…arrival for actors, makeup times, out of makeup times, set times for actors, start times for crew members, catering breakfast times, lunch break times, weather reports, scenes to be filmed, pickup times for producers and director. But there are 2 things we never know, your bathroom breaks and the quitting time. But of course no one ever sticks to the schedule. There’s always the domino effect. For instance, if the actor Lukas Haas’ pick up time changes, then his driver gets caught in rush hour traffic, he will arrive 2 hours late. Now the director is ready for him and wants to begin shooting the scenes. Lukas jumps into the Makeup & Hair trailer, no time for small talk, no extras today. I quickly spray on Redken Guts Spray Foam. The Guts foam is similar to using mouse but it’s much faster and not as messy as mouse. All I do is spray the Guts foam directly all over Lukas’s hair. Now, I must turn the blow dryer on high heat and squealing high speed. It would normally take me 20 minutes to fluff and buff Lukas’s hair, but I’m working my magic in 7 minutes flat. I finish his controlled messy look with a little Sebastian Crude Clay for texture and low shine. It’s raining again tonight so I have to spray a little of the Redken Headset 25 Extra Strength Finishing Spray. Now he will go to Amanda’s make up chair for a quick 15 minutes. He won’t be getting his arm tattoos today, the director say they won’t be seen on camera. Amanda will air brush the Revlon Colorstay makeup base. She’s done! So now we have shaved off 35 minutes. Too bad they won’t notice how fast we put him through Hair and Make up. The Director and Producers are glad to see him on set. But of course we don’t hear a word from the crew on set. Like they say in film “no news is good news”

The Redken Guts Volume Spray Foam is great for adding lots of body in fine, limp hair. It’s great for guys and gals.
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The Sebastian Crude Clay is modeling clay, great for short hair. It has a pliable, strong hold with a real matte finish.
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