The Cat Eye Look - Eyelash Extensions & MACCosmetics - Keeping warm on film sets

March 19,2007
I managed to get a few hours of sleep this morning, and had time to put a set of eyelash extensions on my eyes before arriving on the movie set. I applied 3 flare lashes to the outer corners of each eye. Then I applied a little black, non waterproof Pro Lash mascara by MAC, to the remaining lashes to blend together. This creates a look that makes your eyes look bigger. I call this the Cat Eye Look. Then I apply Prep+Prime Eye (medium) by MAC, for the dark circles around my eyes. Then a little eyeliner from MAC Fluidline (blitz & glitz). I think that the grips and electrics even noticed my big, bright blue eyes today.
Just so all of you understand what happens on the movie set. We all wear black. We don’t want to be noticed. You ask why, well we do this to blend into the background. You never want to be caught in front of the camera, especially in your outdated baby blue flared hipsters. Our crew uniform consists of many layers. Let’s start with the long underwear, which of course must wick away any sweat against your body. Then comes the multiple layers of Polartec fleece, then the North Face puffy coat and top it all off with the Halley Hansen Gortex Jacket. Now of coarse its raining or will be a some point of the evening so I put on my wick away thermal socks with the adhesive Toe Warmers attached to the bottom of my socks and now I slip on the Sorrel waterproof boots. I pull on my gloves and finally I wrap a soft cashmere scarf around my neck, it’s my only luxury item. Then I put on my toque! For those of you living in the States, if you have ever been to Canada you would know that a toque is a French Canadian word for hat.

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